Integrating REDD into the Global Climate Protection Regime: Proposals and Implications

Research Framework

A number of proposals for REDD design have now been advanced or are under development. The proposals differ along a number of dimensions, such as type of commitment, scale, what will be included, funding, and determination of reference line. The aim of the analysis was to discuss these various dimensions in relation to the '3E' framework:

  1. Effectiveness in achieving its GHG emission targets
  2. Efficiency in terms of cost
  3. Equity (and co-benefits)

Two background documents were produced to help guide the analysis:

  1. A schematic overview of the framework representing a selection of key REDD design issues which are currently under debate and factors for assessing their implications in terms of the '3Es'
  2. An elaborates on the definition of the implication factors referred to.

Download the document (zipped).