Day 2 - Thursday, 4 August 2016    13.30 - 15.00   

Taking responsibility for our future: Forestry that delivers on national goals & global aspirations

We are living in an exciting time for forests, with governments and businesses stepping up with bold objectives and ambitions to protect the world’s remaining rainforests and harness their ability to deliver outcomes in a number of critical areas – from climate change mitigation, to economic growth, to good governance.

These statements and pledges are hard-earned and encouraging, but they can only get us so far, particularly when the demands on forest landscapes are intensifying every day.

There is an urgent need to transform these aspirations into real changes in how we do business on the ground. This requires measures to ensure accountability for what has been stated and committed to, and the knowledge and ability to act on good intentions.

In the Asia-Pacific region, responsible – that’s legal and sustainable – forestry and trade offers countries and companies one important tool for following through on ambitious and much-needed goals and commitments, and doing so in a credible and transparent way.

From pledges to mitigate climate change now enshrined in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), to commitments to sustainable development and economic growth both globally and at home, to political reforms that reflect societies’ changing expectations, forestry sectors have a critical role to play in translating aspirations into actions and showcasing important progress toward – but also opportunities to improve – accountability across the region.

The Responsible Asia Forestry & Trade (RAFT) partnership works with governments, the private sector and communities across the Asia-Pacific region to harness responsible forestry and trade to deliver outcomes in all of these areas and support credible and transparent approaches to governing and managing timber-producing rainforests across the region.

We are very pleased to bring together some of our partners for a frank discussion about the role of the region’s forestry sectors in supporting increased accountability for national, regional and global efforts to deliver climate change mitigation, sustainable development and a safe and just world for all. No PowerPoints allowed!

This session delved into the experiences of three countries in the Asia-Pacific region to look at:

  • What responsible forestry and trade is helping to achieve in these countries
  • What more can and must be achieved in the coming years
  • Opportunities and approaches for forestry sectors in the Asia-Pacific region to demonstrate leadership and accountability in delivering on important national and global commitments

RAFT brings together the skills and knowledge of seven leading organizations to provide capacity-building and knowledge-sharing services in support of the trade in responsibly harvested and processed commodities derived from forest landscapes. The partnership assists governments, businesses and communities across the Asia-Pacific region to achieve higher standards of practice in forest and plantation management and the wood and paper products trade.

RAFT partners include: The Nature Conservancy, WWF, RECOFTC-The Center for People and Forests, the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF), the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), TFT & TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network. Learn more: