Day 2 - Thursday, 4 August 2016    10.45 - 12.00   

Public-Private-People Partnerships: opportunities for combined efforts

The development and implementation of forest conservation projects require partnerships between governments, people and the private sector.

The inclusion of the private sector and communities in these partnerships, especially in recent years, reflects the need to balance the impacts of population growth, the need for food security and the priority to create and maintain sustainable forest landscapes to help mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

At the historic climate talks in Paris in November 2015, many governments — including sub-national governments, along with the business and finance sectors — committed to combating the negative effects of climate change and reducing carbon emissions through public-private partnerships, especially with local communities (that is, people).

This session built on the sessions from Day 1, and discussed the financing opportunities for forest conservation and REDD+.


  • What is ‘success’, and how can it be measured?
  • What lessons can we take from previous successful partnerships?
  • How can organizations work together to develop projects that preserve and restore our forests?
  • How can the private sector better engage with communities and governments on sustainable  forestry projects?
  • How do we get investments to scale?
  • People are engaging with the right intentions, but how do we get them to talk about the right topics?