Andrew Lowe

Andrew Lowe

Chair of Plant Conservation Biology, University of Adelaide

Professor Andrew Lowe is Chair of Plant Conservation Biology, Deputy Dean – Partnerships and Collaboration in the Faculty of Science, and Director of the Centre for Conservation Science and Technology and at the University of Adelaide.

He is also Principal Advisor – Biodiversity Research Partnerships for the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. He leads a number of Regional and National research programs, including the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) for which he is Associate Science Director.

His research aims to develop and apply ecological and genomic analyses, to understand, monitor and better manage biodiversity, particularly adaptation in the face of the anthropogenic threats of habitat fragmentation, invasive species and climate change.

He is also Chief Scientific Office of Double Helix Tracking Technologies, a Bioknowledge startup headquartered in Singapore that uses DNA tools to identify and help eliminate illegally logged timber from global supply chains.

At the University, Prof Lowe leads a group of 40 scientists, has leveraged over $100m funding over the last 10 years and has published over 200 scientific publications. He is passionate about communicating science to a general audience, particularly on the threats and solutions to biodiversity pressures.

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