Diana Cheong

Diana Cheong

Chief Researcher, Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies, Brunei Darussalam

Dr Diana Cheong heads research and consultancy projects at the Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies, the premier think tank for national development and policy in Brunei. She specializes in Sociology and Public Policy. She is also a qualified Advocate and Solicitor. Some of the recent projects completed by CSPS under her leadership include a nationwide feasibility study on alternative energy, a national land optimization study and a national masterplan on land transportation.

Dr Cheong’s pioneering Brunei-based research work  includes measuring people’s attitudes and behaviors, employment and enterprise, education and training, productivity, manpower forecasting and youth development. She was recently commissioned to formulate a White Paper addressing a future leisure and recreational scenario for Brunei for the purpose of making the country the preferred holiday destination. Prior to joining CSPS, she was a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy for Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and  held a number of principal administrative posts at UBD such as Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies, Director of International Office and Director of the Institute of Leadership, Innovation and Advancement.

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