Become a Partner

Partnerships are open to individuals and organizations to generate data, and to provide and share technical and scientific information on the attributes of bushmeat across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Partners help to inform and design policies for sustainable game management and harvesting. They also contribute to efficient decision-making, in terms of law enforcement and land-use planning, and to forest and wildlife management at local and national levels. This offers many opportunities for experts and individuals to discuss and understand more about new methodologies, and to develop new ideas for research and projects.

Becoming a partner offers some benefits. In addition to being able to consult the regularly updated information on the website, partners are entitled to:

  • Have their names and logos published on the CIFOR Bushmeat Research Initiative website, with a link to their homepage
  • Have their names or logos printed on some CIFOR Bushmeat Research Initiative promotion materials.
  • Participate in and contribute to research and debate in the working groups by accessing collaborative sites.

To become a partner and/or collaborator, please click here.

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