9 November 2017 | 15:00-16:30 | COP23 Official Venue


REDD+: Where does it stand and what is needed now?

REDD+ has seen ups and downs over the last years but is now firmly Integrated in the Paris Agreement, and the Green Climate Fund is moving forward on REDD+ payments. What does it mean for the practice of REDD at national and sub national levels? Where are the gaps and what are the next steps needed to make REDD+ happen?


Toni La Viña


Multilevel governance
Yetebitu Moges
National REDD+ Coordinator
Progress in implementing countries
Juan Chang
Performance-based payments, a financier’s perspective
Kittisak Rattanakrajangsri
Chairperson of the Asia
Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)
Indigenous people platform
Odette Preciado Benítez
Ministry of Environment and
Territorial Development
Jalisco, Mexico
Challenges, innovations and progress of the GCF toward low emissions development and meeting REDD+ objectives

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