CIFOR presented the Evidence-Based Forestry initiative at the following conferences:

Carbon stocks and fluxes in mangrove ecosystems
3rd Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network Conference (AMSN)
21-24 March 2017
Hobart, Australia

Community forestry workshop
8-10 April 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tropical silviculture interventions workshop
5-7 May 2015
Montpellier, France

EBF Presentations

Mangrove carbon stocks and land use change
IUCN SSC Mangrove Specialist Group Symposium
12 – 17 September 2017
Bremen, Germany

United Nations Forum on Forests
4 – 15 May 2015
New York, NY

Environmental impacts of property rights regimes
International Association for the Study of the Commons
25-29 May 2015
Edmonton, Canada

Swidden Review Data Analysis and Writing Workshop
18 – 20 March 2015
Los Banos, Philippines

IUFRO World Congress
5 – 11 October 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah

Campbell Collaboration Colloquium
Poster Presentations
16 – 19 June 2014
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Forests Asia
Issues Marketplace
6 May 2014
Jakarta, Indonesia

ICRAF Science Week
12 September 2013
Nairobi, Kenya
Workshop Flyer

Past Stakeholder Workshops

Local Adaptation Review Team Workshop
4-5 June 2014
CATIE, Costa Rica

Wood Energy Review Workshop
12-14 May 2014
Nairobi, Kenya

Conversion of Cropland to Forest Program (CCFP): Systematic Map Workshop
12 April 2014
Kunming, China

Alternative Livelihoods Review Workshop
7 April 2014
London, UK

IFRI Community Forestry Review Workshop
10-11 March 2014
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mixed Species Systematic Map Workshop
6-7 March 2014
Los Banos, Philippines

Swidden Systematic Review & Stakeholder Workshop
3-5 March 2014
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

EBF Open Forum
21 February 2014
Bogor, Indonesia

Gender and Food Security Review Workshop
18-20 February 2014
Bogor, Indonesia

Miombo Woodlands Review Protocol Meeting
21-23 January 2014
Lusaka, Zambia

Alternative Livelihoods Review Workshop
26 November 2013
London, England
Contact: Terry Sunderland

Miombo Woodlands Review Workshop
26-27 November 2013
Livingstone, Zambia
Contact: Stephen Syampungani

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