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Research exchange and capacity development for REDD+ MRV activities in Guyana

22 - 30 Jan 2018, Guyana Forestry Commissio, Georgetown, Guyana.


Guyana is currently working on their MRV and monitoring system for REDD+ throughout these last years. For this, two TLS fieldwork campaigns were developed in Guyana in 2014 and 2017 with Wageningen University and Research (WUR), CIFOR and the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC). This event will show the results and ongoing research done with the data collected on both campaigns to GFC team and key partners.

Dr Martius serves as the Project Leader of CIFOR’s Global Comparative Study on REDD+ (GCSREDD+). The project takes stock of international, national and sub-national REDD+ experiences to identify challenges and opportunities in designing and implementing REDD+ policies and projects through comparative studies of REDD+ implementation in thirteen countries around the world including Brazil, Vietnam, Cameroon, Nepal and Peru. This current third phase of GCS REDD+ aims to support REDD+ decision makers by assessing REDD+ impact and providing critical analysis of REDD+ in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and equity (3Es), and now includes Guyana. Dr. Martius will be hosting a Workshop on the GCS-REDD+ on January 23, 2018 of the Mission. He will also be assessing further areas of possible collaboration between CIFOR and Guyana.

Over the course of this Mission, the GFC and Prof. Dr Martin Herold will be discussing issues related to the continued development and advancement of Guyana’s Monitoring Reporting & Verification System (MRVS). Prof. Dr. Herold has played an integral role in the development of Guyana’s MRVS from its inception, with guiding the drafting and finalization of the Terms of Reference and Road Map for Phase 1 of the MRVS. Similarly, he has also guided the development of Phase 2 of the MRVS Roadmap. Prof. Dr Herold continues to provide technical guidance to the GFC as well as assisting in accessing project funding for technical areas of work for the MRVS.

This event will show the results and ongoing research done with the data collected on both campaigns to GFC team and key partners. Discussion regarding key issues on REDD+ process and MRV will take part of these event with a tentative small trip to designated areas for upcoming fieldworks. Finally, a workshop will be hold to share the data with the GFC team on how they will be able to implement it into their REDD+ support decision systems.


Day 1
22 January 2018
Planning Meeting
Meeting with Commissioner James Singh, Commissioner of Forests
Meeting with Jocelyn Dow, Chairperson, GFC’s Board of Directors
Meeting with Hon Raphael Trotman, Minister of Natural Resources
Work of CIFOR on forestry, REDD+ and climate change
Plans for Implementation of Phase 2 of MRVS
Progress in Implementation of the MRVS:

  • Forest Area Change Assessment & Monitoring
  • Forest Carbon Monitoring System
Monitoring Deforestation and forest degradation international requirements
Day 2
23 January 2018
Workshop on CIFOR’s Global Comparative Study on REDD+- CIFOR Presentation: TLS data and biomass estimations in Guyana
  • Discussion on new developments & emerging issues for Guyana’s MRVS
  • Emerging issues on REDD+ & MRV at the international level
  • Collaboration with WUR in 2018 field campaign
  • Discussion, Close of Day 2
Day 3
24 January 2018
Field trip inclusive of trip to Kaieteur
Day 4
25 January 2018
Identifying areas of future collaborations among CIFOR, Guyana and WUR
Day 5
26 January 2018
Workshop: Sharing data from Fieldwork 2014 & 2017
Day 6
29 January 2018
Discussion: How to implement our results into their REDD+ Support Decision Systems
Silvacarbon campaign 2018
Day 7
30 January 2018
Closing session, Q&A