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Vietnam National Workshop on Enhancing Wetland Management and Sustainable Development

10 Nov 2020, online, online,

07.45-15.15 GMT+7


Vietnam is currently developing its Forestry Development Strategy 2021-2030, with an eye to 2050. A key objective of the new strategy is to align national priorities with global forestry outlooks and international commitments, as well as developing innovative sustainable financing mechanisms for the forestry sector.
Since 2010, CIFOR has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), civil society organizations, scientific communities and practitioners to co-produce new data, tools, information and analysis – and to inform policy makers. This includes supporting MARD in designing, implementing and monitoring national Payments for Forest Environmental Services (PFES).
CIFOR’s 10 years of research via its Global Comparative Study on REDD+ aims to use the knowledge gained in countries such as Vietnam to design and implement effective, efficient and equitable forestry policies globally. The sharing of information and lessons learnt is integral.
The national workshop on enhancing wetland management and sustainable development aims to foster collaboration between international and national scientific communities on sustainable wetland management; provide policy makers with information, tools and analysis to develop sustainable wetland policies in the new 2021-2030 strategy with vision to 2050, and disseminate new research methodologies in analyzing mangrove forest governance complexities.

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Pham Thu Thuy
Senior Scientist, CIFOR

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