Indonesia Peatland Restoration Agency visit to the Action Arena and Rumah Restorasi Gambut Dompas

On 9 March 2019, Dr. Haris Gunawan, Deputy of Research and Development at Indonesia Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) visited Rumah Restorasi Gambut Dompas (the project’s local secretariat) and Action Arena 4. He discussed with the PAR CBFPR team and local community the importance of community participation, strengthening community-based institutions at local level, and building social capital. During the visit, Dr. Gunawan observed the progress of participatory action research, particularly in Action Arena 4. He also planted liberica coffee (peat-adapted coffee species) with CIFOR’s Professor Purnomo, Dr. Adhy Prayitno from the Center for Disaster Study, University of Riau, and Mr. Atik, the farmer managing Action Arena 4.