Monday | May 5th     17.15 - 18.45

Governance: Jurisdictional approaches to green development: Importance, challenges and opportunities

Hosted by The Nature Conservancy


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There is growing agreement that jurisdictional scale approaches are necessary in order to address the local challenges of green development in a way that can lead to national-scale results. And yet identifying and pursuing the best approaches is challenging in the context of ongoing decentralization and domestic reform processes, increasingly dynamic global commodity markets, the still-evolving international and national frameworks for REDD+, and growing pressure from downstream users to eliminate deforestatiion from commodity supply chains.

Using examples from Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos, from village to national level, this session explored opportunities to move toward durable solutions at jurisdictional scale. The session began with an overview of some of the key legal issues of integrating jurisdictions within national green development programs, followed by presentations of national and sub-national case studies.

Key questions addressed in the session:

  • How can a jurisdictional scale approach effectively link with evolving national REDD+ programs and legal frameworks to ensure achievement of credible emission reductions?
  • How can jurisdictional programs link market-led initiatives to reduce deforestation in commodity supply chains to government systems to increase the effectiveness and scale?
  • What have been the critical developments in the past several years that have enabled or slowed progress towards the development of jurisdictional approach and what are the remaining obstacles to moving forward?

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