Monday | May 5th     17.15 - 18.45

Investments: Promoting sustainable timber production

Hosted by Center for International Forestry Research


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This session focused on sustainable timber production from a landscape perspective. We aimed to stimulate discussions about the role of timber production in the green economy, and encourage a neutral view of timber in order to avoid the usual controversies about timber production as a threat to natural forests and related ecosystem services. Both natural and planted forests were addressed in the session.

Presentations from the session: 

Enabling sustainable projects in the Forestry Sector

Investments: Sustainable Timber Production – the Association of Indonesian Concessionaires

The role of APKJ in ‘Promoting sustainable timber production’

Five Million Hectare Reforestation Program (1998 – 2010)

Key questions addressed in the session:

  1. What role does timber production and industry play in inclusive and green growth pathways in the ASEAN region?
  2. Are timber plantations expected to be a key component of the rural landscape in the ASEAN region?
  3. Are balanced value-added chains and certification standards (legality and FSC-like) decisive factors for sustainable timber production in the ASEAN region?

Background reading: