Mark Burrows


Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Global Investment Banking, Credit Suisse

Mr. Mark Burrows is the Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Global Investment Banking Credit Suisse. He has had a 40 year career in investment banking principally in partnership with Barings in Australia and then with ING Barings in London. He has made a significant contribution to the advancement of public policy in Australia for which he was awarded the Order of Australia. Mr. Burrows led the development of Australia’s national uniform corporate law and also co-authored the report for the framework of the Australia’s compulsory superannuation system ($1.6 trillion).

As an Australian Treasury nominee he has attended all of the B20/G20 Summits since Toronto in 2010 as a member of the Finance Taskforce. He is a member of the Australian B20 Leadership Group for the G20/B20 in Australia in 2014.

Mr. Burrows has been the principal adviser in some of the most significant and ground breaking transactions in media and banking and has also advised on sovereign default.

Mr. Burrows is a Dendrologist, an environmentalist and the Adjunct Professor of Finance at Sydney University.