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The objective is to improve mahogany and teak furniture enterprises in Jepara, specifically to:

  1. Enhance the structure and functioning of the furniture industry to benefit small-scale producers;
    1.1. Supply chain and cluster analysis of teak and mahogany furniture to understand and predict wood and furniture flows
    1.2. Value chain analysis of teak and mahogany furniture to identify constraints and intervention points.
    1.3. Develop multi-stakeholder processes to support the needs of small scale

  2. Improve marketing by small-scale producers and their organizations;
    2.1. Analysis of domestic and international furniture markets, marketing networks and premium markets for small-scale producers
    2.2. Workshops, facilitation and training to adapt to market demand and certification
    2.3. Workshop, facilitation and training to strengthen producer organization and institutions.

  3. Monitor changes regarding the effects and early acceptance of innovations from objectives 1 and 2 and revise and/or enhance project strategies.
    3.1. Small-scale furniture producer livelihood survey
    3.2. Develop criteria and indicators and methods for change assessment and monitoring
    3.3. Undertake monitoring throughout the life of the project, and feed result back to activities for each objective so that strategies can be modified.

The proposed project will produce the following outputs for the benefit of small-scale producers: (a) Identified inefficiencies of supply and value chains that lead to strategies to improve value chain efficiency and strengthen the furniture industry and (b) Strategies and actions to strengthen market engagement and position leading to enhanced value addition and capture of higher prices.

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