The research team will use a process of reflection, planning, action and monitoring to meet its overal objective to improve wood use efficiency whilst improving the livelihoods of local people. The team will be based primarily at the CIFOR headquaters in Bogor.

The project will be implemented in Jepara, Central Java, with partners from FORDA, IPB and FRK. The University of Melbourne’s department of Forest and Ecosystem Science will manage a complementary project on wood technology in furniture production that will make in-kind contributions to this project. Each partner will be responsible for certain activities or working packages that will contribute to the overall objectives. 

The project will establish a local office in Jepara to facilitate communication and to monitor change/adoption. The local office will act as the information centre for the project, providing a space for stakeholders to meet, discuss, plan and evaluate the project. The local office will also coordinate the newsletter in collaboration with project partners.