GCS REDD+ Coordinator
GCS REDD+ Coordinator Amy Duchelle

Amy Duchelle is Team Leader of Climate Change, Energy & Low-Carbon Development. She leads coordinator for the GCS REDD+ project, including research on subnational REDD+ activities at 23 sites.

REDD+ Policies
REDD+ Policies Pham Thu Thuy

Pham Thu Thuy leads research on initiatives, policy processes and strategies at the national level that relate to forests and climate change.

Measuring Carbon Emissions
Measuring Carbon Emissions Christopher Martius

Christopher Martius leads Measuring Carbon Emissions research theme. He also leads Flagship Program 5 of the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.

Multilevel Governance and Carbon Management
Multilevel Governance and Carbon Management Anne Larson

Anne Larson lead research on approaches for designing effective multilevel institutions and processes that overcome economic and policy barriers to REDD+ implementation.

Mitigation-Adaptation Synergies
Mitigation-Adaptation Synergies Bruno Locatelli

Bruno Locatelli leads research on national and international policies on climate change adaptation and mitigation, and the roles and interests of various national stakeholders who shape such policies.

Communications and Outreach
Communications and Outreach Jeremy Van Loon

Jeremy Van Loon leads communications and outreach for the GCS REDD+ project.

Programme Coordinator
Programme Coordinator Levania Santoso

Levania Santoso is the facilitator for the GCS REDD+ project. Her focus is on project management including facilitating the implementation of CIFOR research in its Forests and Climate Change Initiative, and implementing and managing research projects on forests and climate change.


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