Subnational REDD+ Initiatives

Individual Case Studies

By the nature of its efforts, GCS Module 2 is seeking to reap rich insights from comparative analyses across countries, and across different types of landscapes and subnational initiatives. Yet a key part of Module 2’s work is to also gain insights through in-depth examination at individual case study sites.

The book REDD+ on the Ground: A case book of subnational initiatives across the globe (Sills et al. 2014) contains chapters on each of the 23 sites in the Module 2 sample. There are additional case studies of three of these sites: the Bolsa Floresta site in Brazil (Börner et al. 2013), the Katingan site in Indonesia (Utomo 2013), and the Trans-Amazon site in Brazil (Cromberg et al. 2014).



Phase 3