REDD+ Safeguards

Operationalizing safeguards in subnational and national REDD+ architectures remains a major challenge in many countries. Currently, safeguards processes are evolving at multiple levels from the development of Safeguard Information Systems (SIS) by national governments to attainment of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) by proponents of subnational REDD+ initiatives.

As countries begin to implement SIS to achieve social and environmental goals and potentially access REDD+ results-based financing, there is an urgent need to understand how safeguard policies and practices can be streamlined, and SIS elaborated from existing national policies and monitoring systems, so that safeguards are a source of support and not a burden.

This set of briefs provides timely and relevant information for governments, policy makers, practitioners, and other key stakeholders interested in operationalizing safeguards, which are ultimately key to the success of REDD+.


Phase 3