Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden visited CIFOR headquarters in Bogor on May 22. CIFOR and Sweden have strong ties, from the founding of CIFOR in 1993 by Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, and the USA, together with the Indonesian government, to CIFOR's current Director General Dr. Peter Holmgren, who is a Swedish national.

“Learning, based on science, is a basis for that sustainable future we want,” said Peter Holmgren, “and CIFOR's research aims to demonstrate and ensure that forestry contributes to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Indonesia and Sweden can learn from each other when it comes to forestry, and both countries are taking great responsibility for future climate action, biological diversity and sustainable management of forest resources.”

For more information about the event, please consult the Royal Visit Program, and read the event coverage on Forest News: CIFOR Director General Peter Holmgren addresses how forestry plays a critical role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and in ensuring a better environment and well-being for all.

Watch videos of the seminar
and tree planting ceremony

May 22, 2017