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Conservation and Sustainable Use of Tropical Forest Biodiversity


The Conservation and Sustainable Use of Tropical Forest Biodiversity project, part of the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees, and Agroforestry (FTA), conducts strong evidence based research, provides capacity development opportunities, and aims to foster numerous strategic partnerships and engagements.

These activities contribute to the achievement of policy and practice influence related to forest conservation and sustainable use of tropical forests, and contributes to policy development and implementation. More specifically, CIFOR’s body of work aims to achieve significant impact through the following research portfolios: the Bushmeat Research Initiative (BRI) and Sustainable Landscapes and Food Systems.

Bushmeat Research Initiative (BRI)

The goal of the BRI is to enable and conduct research that advances knowledge on the extraction, consumption and sustainability of bushmeat harvesting in tropical forests in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In partnership with key stakeholders at local, regional and national levels, CIFOR has led research in three thematic areas:

  1. Measuring impacts;
  2. Food security and livelihoods;
  3. Human health and zoonotic diseases.

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In 2016, CIFOR launched a new website at drawing together resources from the BRI and the Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management, along with stories, videos, photos and presentations.

Sustainable Landscapes and Food Systems

USAID funding has enabled the development and continued growth of CIFOR’s research portfolio on Sustainable Landscapes and Food Systems. This in turn has resulted in significant traction and influence to address the function of forests, trees and agroforestry at the landscape scale in terms of reconciling competition for other land uses. Through strategic partnerships, capacity building, and targeted outreach, CIFOR has managed to place the landscape approach at the center of sustainable development initiatives.

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