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Challenges for Indonesia to implement more applicable, cost-effective and socio-culturally acceptable rehabilitation approaches. more ...

How to sustain large-scale, rapid-fire reforestation programs: The Chinese challenge. more ...
Forest rehabilitation in the Philippines - which road to take?
more ...
Forest Degradation and Rehabilitation in Vietnam . more ...
Brazil  (in Portuguese) 
Áreas alteradas na Amazônia brasileira: possibilidade de integração ao processo produtivo . more ...
Peru (in Spanish) 
Degradación Forestal y Rehabilitación en Perú. more ...

Rehabilitation of forests or tree cover on previously forested land becomes increasingly important throughout the tropics. The history of rehabilitation projects, however, cannot yet boast of being highly successful. In this study:Review of forest rehabilitation initiatives - Lessons from the Past, CIFOR and partners aim to provide an overview of the history of rehabilitation efforts in six tropical countries, and extract lessons from these experiences that can guide future rehabilitation efforts worldwide. more ...

Forest Rehabilitation Initiatives: Defining our focus
Deliberate activities (includes technical, institutional or socio-economic interventions) aimed at artificial and/or natural regeneration of trees on formerly forested grassland, brush, scrub, or barren areas for the purpose of enhancing productivity, livelihood, and/or environmental benefits. more ...

Minutes of Open Session: August 9, 2004 at CIFOR, Bogor
CIFOR organised a one-day open session entitled: Review of forest rehabilitation initiatives – Lessons from the past on August 9, 2004 at CIFOR, Bogor. The aim of the open session was to share the interim findings from CIFOR’s ongoing research activity synthesizing, reviewing, and deriving lessons from past and ongoing forest rehabilitation projects. more..

CIFOR News 37/December 2004
Exchanging forest rehabilitation experiences
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CIFOR News 32/May 2003
Learning from past rehabilitation efforts

Team and Partners

A team of CIFOR scientists works in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary teams of country partners to execute this study.
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