Reporting from GLF Nairobi 2018 on Prospects and Opportunities for Restoration in Africa

26 - 30 Aug 2018, United Nations compund, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Gender and land rights
in the context of restoration
REDD+: a solution to forest restoration
and climate adaptation

As part of the Global Comparative Study on REDD+, CIFOR is implementing a knowledge-sharing strategy by disseminating the latest information on REDD+ to journalists. This includes lessons learned in different countries from relevant REDD+ activities which enabled dialogues and briefings between policy makers, researchers, government and communities.On 26-30 August 2018, CIFOR will partner with Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) for the journalism workshop, "Reporting from GLF Nairobi 2018 on Prospects and Opportunities for Restoration in Africa," which will be held before and during GLF Nairobi.Key objectives of the REDD+ portion of the workshop:
  • To share REDD+ policies and progress in African countries
  • To bring evidence on which factors and configuration are crucial for progress for decision makers and practitioners involved in REDD+ at all level 
  • To highlight the issue of forest restoration in REDD+. By implementing forest and landscape restoration practices into REDD+ national strategies, it could help to restore functionality of degraded lands and forests.
Journalist from Ethiopia, Guyana and the Democratic Republic of Congo will join journalists from 15 African countries invited by GLF for an extraordinary opportunity to listen to and interact face-to-face with important stakeholders. Journalists also encouraged to discuss the challenges their countries face in implementing REDD+ and forest restoration at the national level.The journalist workshop is supported by NORAD, Global Landscapes Forum and SciDev.Net.


26 Aug 2018
Reporting field trip (to Karura Forest and Brackenhurst Botanical Gardens) with the AFR100 initiative and IUCN
Cora van Oosten
27 Aug 2018
Arrival at Cocoa Board Room, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Introduction, presentation of participants and housekeeping for the day
Ochieng Ogodo (SciDev)
Jeremy van Loon (Media Outreach and Engagement, GLF)
Collaborative documentary in changing landscapes
Emily Gallagher (postdoctoral fellow, CIFOR)
Nkumi Mtingwa (media producer, Kijiji Studios)
The AFR100 Initiative
Salima Mahamoudou (Research Assistant, WRI)
Caroline Gagne (Research Analyst/Program Coordinator, WRI)
Coffee break
Gender and land rights in the context of restorationLIVESTREAM
Esther Mwangi (Principal Scientist, Forest and Governance CIFOR)
REDD+: a solution to forest restoration and climate adaptationLIVESTREAM
Rosa Roman Cuesta (tropical forest ecologist, CIFOR)
Defining landscape restoration – framing our mind, building our stories
Cora van Oosten (Learning Coordinator for GLF, senior project leader at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation)
Environmental reporting: Sizzling up stories to the editorial agenda
Rosalia Omungo (Managing TV Editor, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation)
Coffee break
Digital & social media readiness
Pooja Munshi (digital strategist GLF)
Briefing on GLF Nairobi
Jeremy van Loon
Alex Popescu
Budhy Kristanty
28 Aug 2018
AFR100 meeting
29-30 Aug 2018