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Topic: D2. Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) for wetlands

Daniel Murdiyarso, Lou Verchot and Martin Herold

In this module, we will learn about monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV), the scope of each element, how it is framed in national and subnational contexts, and its direction in wetlands. MRV is an important procedure, by which one can be more transparent, trustable and decide what to expect from a particular action. MRV in REDD+ is still at the capacity development stage, but the subnational and local MRV has also been promoted.
The module suggests that continuous MRV improvements are important to encourage broad participation and step-wise progress (i.e. along REDD+ phases). With sustained support on the national and subnational processes from the international level, developing countries, especially those with extensive wetlands, have opportunities to develop their MRV systems.