Other projects relevant to SWAMP

No Project/Initiative Implementing agency (and participants) Donor Link
1 Accountability and Local level Initiative to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation in Indonesia (ALLREDDI) ICRAF (ISRI, Univ. Brawijaya) EU web link
2 ASEAN Peatland Forest Project (APFP) Global Environmental Center (GEC), Malaysia GEF web link
3 Berbak Carbon Initiative Min. Forestry , ZSL, LIPI Darwin Initiative web link
4 Forest and Climate Programme (FORCLIME), Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan Min. Forestry, Munich Univ., WWF, FFI KfW, GIZ web link
5 Global Comparative Study on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (GCS REDD) CIFOR NORAD web link
6 Indonesia Forest and Climate Support (IFACS) ARD USAID web link
7 Indonesian Carbon Accounting System (INCAS) Min. Forestry, LAPAN, Bakosurtanal, IAFCP AusAID
8 Landscape-based HCVF Assessment and REDD Financing, Sungai Putri, Ketapang, West Kalimantan FFI MacQuarie
9 Leveraging sustainable financing to protect critical coastal ecosystems and livelihoods Kenya Fisheries and Marine Research Institute, the U.S. National Coral Reef Institute at Nova Southeastern University, the University of Antananarivo Forestry Department (ESSA-Foret), Aqualma SA (UNIMA), and Honko Mangrove Education and Conservation. We are part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Blue Forests project, funded by the Global Environmental Facility John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Defra Darwin Initiative, the Waterloo Foundation, and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (MASMA). In-kind support is provided by Planet Action, the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and Google web link
10 Merang REDD Pilot Project (MRPP) Min. Forestry (Gov. South Sumatra) GIZ web link
11 MRV and VER systems for REDD+  in Tropical Peatland Hokkaido Univ. (DNPI, LIPI) Gov. Japan
12 Reducing carbon emissions from Indonesia’s peatlands BAPPENAS (IPB, ICEL) DFID
13 Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation through Alternative Land-uses in Rainforests of the Tropics (REDD ALERT) Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, UK  (ICRAF, CIFOR, ISRI) EU web link
14 Strengthening REDD+ Implementation in Indonesia CIFOR AusAID web link
15 Tripa Swamp Forest, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam ICRAF, ISRI, YEL PanEco web link
16 Water Management for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptive Development in the Lowlands (WACLIMAD) BAPPENAS, Min. Public Work World Bank web link
17 Wetlands Restoration and Conservation (WRC) VCS CLUA web link
18 Resilient mangroves for resilient people CIFOR, USFS, United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), US Geological Survey (USGS), the Micronesian Trust, the Conservation Society of Pohnpei, Pohnpei Forestry, and the Kosrae Island Resource Management Authority (KIRMA)    
19 Developing a Collaborative management plan and sustainable mangrove restoration model in Rufiji Delta, Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam United Nations Environment’s Nairobi Convention and GEF web link
20 Improving mangrove forest carbon and socio-economic data to improve management in Madagascar USFS, University of Malaya, University of Antananarivo Laboratory of Radioisotopes USAID’s Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) program web link
21 Improving Indonesia’s FREL through Refined GHG Accounting in Wetlands and Knowledge Management CIFOR NICFI web link
22 Mapping and assessing degradation of palm swamp peatlands in the Peruvian Amazon CIFOR GIZ web link
23 Mitigation and Adaptation Through Sustainable Livelihood in Indonesia’s Peat and Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation International, CIFOR, and Wetlands International-Indonesia IKI web link
24 Biophysical processes and feedback mechanisms controlling the methane budget of an Amazonian peatland University of Minnesota, USFS, IIAP, MTU, University of Missouri, ASU, ORNL US-DOE web link
25 Mapping peatlands, peatland restoration, and emissions factors for peatland land use change in Colombia MTU, USFS, MTRI, Pontifical Xavierian University, IDEAM, EcoPartners USAID Mission in Colombia web link
26 Restoring Coastal Landscape for Adaptation Integrated Mitigation (ReCLAIM) CIFOR David and Lucile Packard Foundation web link
27 Conservation, restoration and sustainable management of peatlands in South America CIFOR, WRI IKI web link
28 Knowledge for action to protect tropical forests and enhance rights CIFOR, partners’ long-term Global Comparative Study on REDD+ NICFI web link
29 The world’s largest terrestrial organic carbon stock: Assessing the degradation and promoting the sustainable management of peatlands in the Amazon CIAT, CIFOR UK PACT Green Recovery Challenge Fund web link
30 Climate mitigation potential of Colombia’s lowland peatlands: distribution, emission factors and conservation priorities Pontifical Xavierian University, USFS, MTU, MTRI US-AID PEER (Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research) web link