Recent activities

Capacity building


Venue and Date

Partners and Organizer

Exploring criteria and indicators for tropical peatland restoration: A synthesis and way forward

Online webinar, zoom, 17 December 2020


Exploring criteria and indicators for tropical peatland restoration: Governance and socio-economic attributes

Online webinar, zoom, 19 November 2020


Exploring criteria and indicators for tropical peatland restoration: Biophysical attributes and peatland fires

Online webinar, zoom, 14 October 2020


Exploring criteria and indicators for tropical peatland restoration

Online webinar, zoom, 2 September 2020


Community Based Mangrove Management

Rufiji River Delta-Tanzania 2020

Rufiji Mangrove Research and Training Forest (MRTF),
USAID-East Africa,
Save our Mangroves Now (SOMN),
Wetlands International (WI), Tanzania Forest Service’s (TFS), WIOSAP, University of Dar es Salaam (UDES)

Stakeholder workshop on Sectoral Guidance

14-17 November 2019

Green Climate Fund (GCF), CIFOR, COWI (Danish consulting firm)

Inception meeting of Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) project

20-21 December 2019

Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), CIFOR, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)

Inception meeting of Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) project

20-21 December 2019

Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), CIFOR, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)

Tropical Peatland Mapping Workshop

28-30 October 2019

MTRI, USFS, CIFOR, INAIGEM, Peruvian National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), National Water Authority (ANA), Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA), and MINAM, and international private institutions were Law, Environment and Natural Resources (DAR), Consortium for the Sustainable Development of the Andean Ecoregion (CONDESAN), ProBosque-JICA, Center for Ornithology and Biodiversity (CORBIDI), and HELVETAS PERU, National Agrarian University (UNALM) and USFQ

Identifying optimal mangrove restoration methods in Madagascar – scoping activity

Madagascar, 2020-2021

University of Antananarivo School of Agronomic Sciences Department of Forestry, graduate student

Restoration and management assessment

Senegal, 2020

Peace Corps Senegal, the Institute of Science and Environment (ISE) University of Dakar, restoration and management practitioners

Piloting community-based mangrove ecosystem monitoring

Ghana, 2020

USFS, Ghanaian NGO

Developing ecological, economic and social indicators for performance assessment in mangrove restoration sites in Yucatan

Mexico, 2020


Second Regional workshop on Blue Carbon in Latin America and NDCs (II): hands on the Common Reporting Format Tables for GHG Inventories under the UNFCCC, the IPCC 2006 and revised 2019 guidelines

Latin America, 2020

UNFCCC Secretariat, VERRA, Voluntary Carbon Market

Extracting lessons learnt for successful mangrove restoration: hydroecological modelling and improved measurement of carbon stock changes along a chronosequence of restored sites in Yucatan

Mexico, 2020

TNC, Cambridge University

Country Mangrove Decision Support Tool (DST)

Vietnam, 2020

scientists from the Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, Watershed Professionals Network

Capacity-building for national-scale mapping of peatlands in the Andes and Amazon of Peru

Peru, 2020


Eddy Flux Training

Peru, 2020

IIAP scientist and technician

Communicating science to policy for sustainable management and conservation of mangroves in the Rufiji Delta, Tanzania

Tanzania, 2020


Capacity building for improved mangrove restoration and management in Senegal

Senegal, 2020

USFS, Institute of Science and Environment

Regional Workshop on Incorporating Blue Carbon in the Nationally Determined Contributions

Vietnam, 8-10 July 2019

Blue Forest, CI, IPBC, giz, IPCC, IUCN, RECOFTC, Silvestrum, UNE, Winrock International

Towards the Regulation of Peatlands in Peru

Peru, 2019

Ministry of Environment (MINAM)

Regional mangrove restoration workshop in West Africa

West Africa, 2019

USFS, West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change, Wetlands International

Enhance community-based mangrove management and restoration in Ghana

Ghana, October 2018

NGO, Community Based

Development of a regional mangrove restoration manual

Tanzania, 2018

United Nations Environment Program , Univ. of Dar es Salaam

Training workshop on Carbon Dynamics and Water Regimes in Rewetted Peatlands

Riau-Indonesia, 13 Feb 2017

Riau University

Training of field protocol, and sample data handling

Bogor-Indonesia, 2017


Capacity building and knowledge tranfer with PT Rimba Makmur Utama

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2017

PT Rimba Makmur Utama

Remote Sensing Applications for Wetland Inventories workshop

Puerto Rico-US, 2017


Field campaign of Ecosystem services, threats and emissions (from conversion of mangroves)

Brazil, 2016


Training of Carbon dynamics on diferrent land use and restoration in Brazilian mangroves

Brazilian Coastline-Brazil, 2016

Oregon State University, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo, Graduate Student

Training on Carbon Stock Assessment in Tonle Sap’s Flooded Forests

Seam Reap-Cambodia, 24 April-7 May 2016

Pos-Doc Student ,USFS, MOEF, Fisheries Administration, World Conservation Society, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Royal University of Agriculture

Study review and meta-analysis on global mangrove vulnerability to sea level rise

Indonesia, 2016

University of Singapore, Oregon State university

Katingan Restoration Project

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2016


Establishment Maputo Bay Mangrove Research and Training Forest

Maputo Bay-Mozambique, 2016

Eduardo Mondlane University, USFS

Designing Rufiji Mangrove and Training Forest

Rufiji River Delta-Tanzania, 2016

PhD Stundent, USFS

Workshop mangrove carbon stock inventory procedures

Tanzania, Feb 2016


Training workshop on Soil respiration (greenhouse gases) and plant productivity measurements in tropical alpine ecosystems

Colombia, 2015

Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies (IDEAM)

Geophysical peatlands dynamic and peat fire emissions workshop training

Indonesia, 2015

University of Palangkaraya

Assesing the effectiveness of outplanting at restoring the ecosystem services provided by mangrove forests

Quezon-Philiphine, 2015

Government’s Environmental Research and Development Bureau, Forest Service

Training course on field sampling protocol and measuring Mangrove carbon stock

Koh Kong, Srae Ambel and Sihanoukville – Cambodia, 2015


Training on GHG fluxes, peat hydrology, NPP field measurement and spatial analysis

Katingan- Indonesia, May and August 2015

CIFOR, PT. RMU and four students

Training on how to install rSET in mangroves

Philippines, 2015

USFS, Philippine government’s Environment Research and Development Bureau (ERDB)

Training on GHG fluxes measurement in peatland

Colombia, 2015

USFS, Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Michigan Tech

Training on the development of allometric equations

Cambodia, 2015

USFS, RDMA, one professor and several students from the Royal University of Agriculture

Field training on installation of R-SET

Banten-Indonesia, 2015

CIFOR, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery, PhD Student

Training on GHG measurement methodologies and preliminary data collecting

Peru, 2015

Huascarán National Park, Mountain Institute, MTU, USFS, staff from SilvaCarbon

SWAMP workshop on expert review of measurement protocol in mangrove

Mexico, 2015

USFS, Mexican mangrove expert

Training workshop for Colombian scientist, park officials, and land managers on soil respiration and plant productivity measurements in tropical alpine ecosystems

Bogota-Colombia, October 19-22, 2015

The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies (IDEAM)

Mangrove cover change analysis-Zambezi River Delta, Project Close-Out Workshop

Maputo-Mozambique, 2015


Soil Sampling in Mangroves Workshop

Yucatan-Mexico, June 2015


Soil Sampling Course

Pelleston-MI, 2015

Univ. Michigan Biological, FS-IP

Quelimane Hydrologic Monitoring Workshop Project Implementation

November, 2015


Tanakeke mangrove carbon stocks assessment

1 – 9 December 2014

Charles Darwin University, Hasanuddin University, Blue Forest, Indonesian REDD+ agency and local community

Training on mangrove carbon stock assessment

Marromeu, Mozambique, September 2013

Univ. Eduardo Mondlane
WWF Mozambique
Ministry Natural Resources of Mozambique

SWAMP training workshop, India

Odisha, India, May 2013, Gupti, India, May 2013

Science Foundation for Tribal and Rural Resource Development (SFTRRD), Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT), Bhitarkanika Mangrove Forest and Wildlife Sanctuary

SWAMP/USAID–RDMA training workshop

Thailand, April – May 2013

USAID/Regional Development Mission for Asia's (RDMA) Low Emissions Asian Development (LEAD)

SWAMP/SilvaCarbon program training workshop

Lima, Peru, February 2013

US Forest Service, CIFOR, Oregon State University, Michigan Technological University, University of Maryland, US Department of State, SilvaCarbon

SWAMP/USAID–IFACS training workshop

Indonesia, January-April 2013

USAID–Indonesia Forest and Climate Support (IFACS) program

Mangrove flux tower training, Florida, USA

Mexico, January 2013

Mexican institutions

Development of permanent sampling plots, and plans to establish an eddy flux tower in protected area

Mexico, November 2012

CINVESTAV, several Mexican institutions

Explore future SWAMP research sites in wetland ecosystems in the western Amazon

Peru, November 2012


A regional workshop entitled "West Indian Ocean – Mangrove Carbon Assessment"

Maputo-Mozambique, October 2012

WWF-Mozambique, Univ. of Eduardo Mondlane, and the Min. of Agric.

El Potencial del Carbono Azul y la Conservación de Manglares en la República Dominicana.

Santo Domingo-Dominican Republic, September 2012

Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo

International symposium on wildfire and carbon management in peat-forests in Indonesia

Bogor-Indonesia, September 2012

Japan Sci. and Technological Agency/JICA

Better REDD than dead: how climate change mitigation of mangroves can save biological diversity though reduced deforestation and degradation

Washington DC-USA, July 2012

Counterpoint International

Reorientation policies of coastal and seas thematic geospatial information workshop

Semarang-Indonesia, July 2012

Geospatial Information Agency

International wetland congress: Exceptionally high carbon stocks of mangroves and their potential conservation through global carbon markets

Orlando-USA, June 2012

International Ecological Society

International Wetland Congress: Tropical peatlands of Southeast Asia: Functions, threats and the role of fire in climate change mitigation

Orlando Florida-USA, June 2012

International Ecological Society

Regional workshop of forest carbon assessment and monitoring in Pacific countries.

Nadi-Fiji, June 2012

Secr. Pacific Community (SPC), GIZ, JICA

Training workshop on field sampling protocol for C-stocks assessment in tropical wetlands ecosystems

Can Gio-Vietnam, June 2012

CIFOR, USFS, Nong Lam University

14th International Peat Congress

Stockholm-Sweden, June 2012

Intl. Peat Society

Technical and scientific aspects of sources, sinks and reservoirs of all GHGs for coastal and marine ecosystems

Bonn-Germany, May 2012


Training on methods of measuring C-stocks in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, March 2012

15 students and National Park staff, NGOs

GHG Emissions


Venue and Date

Partners and Organizer

Field campaign at Katingan restoration project investigating the impact of rewetting peat swamp forest on biomass productivity and CO2 fluxes

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2017

Graduate Student, PhD Student

Assesing Carbon Fluxes in the Peruvian Páramo

Peruvian Paramo-Peru, 2016

PhD Student, MTU, USFS, MI Peru

Assesing Carbon Emissions and Pore Water Chemistry in the Peat Swamp Forests of the Peruvian Amazon

Peruvian Amazon-Peru, 2016

Graduate, USFS, MTU

Monitoring Productivity and mortality rates of fine roots by sequential coring and using the decision matrix method

Peru, 2016

Bachelor Student, PhD Student, UNAP, WUR

Comparing greenhouse gas emissions among different types of mangroves/land use

Indonesia, 2016

Haluoleo University, USFS

Soil fluxes, litter productivity and water level in tropical peatlands

Katingan Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2016

Master Student, IPB

Measurement of carbon fluxes in the Colombian páramo

Coloumbia, 2016

USFS, Universidad Nacional De Colombia

Assesing Carbon Fluxes in the Ecuadorian Páramo

Páramo-Ecuador, 2015

Graduate Student, MTU, USFQ, USFS

GHG emission measurement (intact forest and oil palm) and DOC for carbon dynamic research

Tanjung Puting-Indonesia, 2015

CIFOR, PhD and MSc Students

GHG emission measurement (intact and degraded peatlands) in the Equadorian Andes

Equador, 2015

USFS, Michigan Tech, Ecuadorian student

Installation of eddy covariance tower site

Peruvinian Amazon near Iquitos, Loreto, Peru, 2015

IIAP, USFS, SIlvacarbon, Michigan Tech, University of Minnesota

Setting up new sites for carbon fluxes measurement

Peruvian páramo

Huascarán National Park, Mountain Institute, MTU, USFS

GHG Emission sampling measurement field work

Katingan-Indonesia, August 2014


Land-use change (natural peat swamp forest, oil palm) and GHG emissions

Tanjung Puting-Indonesia, June 2012-present

PhD and MSc students, NGOs, and National Park

Carbon stocks assessment


Venue and Date

Partners and Organizer

Rufiji Delta Mangrove cover and condition assessment

Tanzania, 2019

WWF Germany, USFS

Katingan Restoration Project: Carbon Stock Assesment

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2019

PhD Student, PT RMU

Changes in mangrove carbon stocks in developing, established and disturbed mangrove stands

Rufiji Delta-Tanzania, 25 Sep-18 Oct 2018

WWF-Germany, WWF-Tanzania, Univ. of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Forestry Services, USDA-Forest Service

Assesing carbon stock at North Coast of Central Java mangrove restoration, and sea level rise impact

Central Java-Indonesia, 2018

PhD Student, Graduate Student

Estimation of above ground biomass in palm trees in Peru using Terrestrial LiDAR and Quantitative Structure Model

Peru, 2017

Graduate Student

Remeasuring 30 SWAMP plots to determine the effectiveness of SWAMP at detecting changes in C stocks

Palau-Micronesian, 2017

Palau forestry, Coral Reef Research Foundation

Assesing Carbon Stocks in Ecuadorian Mountain Peatlands with GPR Technology

Ecuador, 2017

University of San Francisco Quito, Florida Atlantic University and Rutgers University

Comparing carbon in restored and intact mangroves

Asia, 2017

USFS, USAID, ERDB, Halu oleo University

Carbon measurements in restored mangrove sites

Mexico, 2017


Rufiji River mangrove carbon inventory

Tanzania, 2016

Univ. Dar es Salaam, Sokoine Univ. Agricultural Sciences, Tanzania Forestry Services agency, USAID-Africa, NASA Bureau

Assessing Carbon Stocks, sedimentation, Source of sedimen

West Papua, 2016

PhD Student, Charles Darwin University, NUS

Assesing Impacts of Land Use on Carbons Stocks, Greenhouse Gas Fluxes, and Sedimentation Rates in Mangroves

Southwest Sulawesi-Indonesia, 2016

Haluoleo University, USFS, UHM, Cornell University,

Established mangrove C Stocks and GHG emissions permanent sample plots at Tanjung Puting

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2016

Graduate Student, Phd Student, IPB university, University of Virginia

Assesing peat soil respiration and net primary productivity (NPP) at Katingan

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2016

Graduate Student, PhD Student

Assesing Mangrove Carbon stock, sedimentation rates, CO2 Flux at Pulau Dua Nature Reserve

Banten-Indonesia, 2016

PhD Student, IPB University, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery

Quantification of Mangrove Carbon Stocks using High Resolution Remote Sensing in Pongara and Akanda National Parks

Gabon, 2016


Assessing Carbon Stocks in the Vegetated Wetlands of Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap-Cambodia, 25 April-8 May 2016

USFS Forest Inventory, Analysis National Program (USFS-FIA)

Assesing Carbon Stocks and Emissions in due to conversion to shrimp pond

Northeast Brazil-Brazil, 2016

Oregon State University

GEF/Blue Forest-Identification of field sites for research student

Banten- Indonesia, 2015

GEF, UNEP, CIFOR, Ministry of Fishery and Marine Affairs, PhD student

Sample collecting and developing an allometric equation for non-tree vegetation in the flooded forest

Tonse Sap, Cambodia, 2015


Setting up three permanent plots representing high, medium and low canopy density of peat swamp forest

Katingan- Indonesia, 2015

CIFOR, PT. RMU, PhD Student

Land use and carbon stock assessment


University of Wageningen, CIFOR and OSU

Tanakeke mangrove carbon stocks assessment

Makassar-Indonesia, 1 – 9 December 2014

Charles Darwin University, Hasanuddin University, CIFOR, Blue Forest

Field sampling on mangrove ecosystem in Zambezi Delta

Marromeu, Mozambique, September 2013

Univ. Eduardo Mondlane (UEM)
WWF Mozambique
GoM Ministry Natural Resources

Field sampling in pristine and degraded mangroves

Gupti, India, May 2013

32 people, including 19 trainees who are working in the field and members of the Carbon Financing Project run by OUAT/ICRAF and local forestry officials

Measurement campaign in mangroves ecosystem

Trang, Thailand, April – May 2013

Government forestry officials, NGOs and private sector organizations from Southeast Asian countries

Field sampling on belowground mangrove carbon allocation

Kubu Raya, Indonesia. January-March 2013

FORDA, Indonesian Ministry of Forestry
PT. Kandelia Alam
Local Forestry Agency

Field sampling in tall, medium and dwarf mangroves

Dominican Republic, September 2012

15 students and park officials

Measurement campaign in mangroves ecosystem

Can Gio and Ca Mau Province-Vietnam, June 2012

30 officials from the Forestry Department

Measurement in tall mangroves and abandoned shrimp ponds

Costa Rica, March 2012

15 students and sta National Park staff, NGOs

Sampling in riverine, estuarine, marine mangroves in Indonesia

All areas Indonesia, 2011-2012

30 people from universities, government agencies and NGOs

C-dynamics modeling and mapping


Venue and Date

Partners and Organizer

Mangrove Mapping in the Rufiji Delta

Tanzania, 2020


National-scale mapping of peatlands in the Andes and Amazon of Peru

Peru, 2020


Mapping palm swamp peatlands and their degradation status in the Peruvian Amazon

Peru, 2020

Temple University GUS - Department of Geography and Urban Studies,

National-scale mapping of mountain peatlands in Ecuador

Ecuador, 2020


Causes of forest degradation in Vietnam mangroves

Vietnam, 2020

"USFS and the Mangrove Ecosystem Research Center (MERC)"

Synthesis on Peruvian peatlands

Peru, 2020

More than 20 co-authors

Testing macroecological patterns and drivers of mangrove forest structure and carbon stocks across biogeographic regions and coastal morphologies

Global, 2020


Measuring long-term mangrove resilience after extreme events in the Caribbean: measuring 2015 and 2019 mangrove die-back in Panama and ground validation of mangrove resilience after hurricanes (1990-2017)

Caribbean, 2020

NASA, Universities of Maryland and North Carolina

West Papua Project: Surface elevation change monitoring, carbon stocks, CO2 and CH4 effluxes assessments

West Papua-Indonesia, 2019

PhD Student, Charles Darwin University, University of Malaya

Mangrove assessment with local community

Vietnam, 2019


Impacts of palm swamp peatlands degradation on peat C stocks and GHG dynamics

Peru, April 2014 - July 2018

PhD Student, WUR

Maps of peatland soil degradation status

Peru, Indonesia, Boswana, 2018

Peatland Restoration Agency

Assesing impact of land use on carbon , greenhouse gas fluxes, and sedimentation rates in mangroves of PNG

Gulf-Papua New Guinea, 2018

Graduate Student, USFS

Expanded mapping of mountain peatlands in Ecuador

Ecuador, 2018

Universidad de San Francisco de Quito

Setting up a permanent sampling plot for assessing the impacts of peatland re-wetting on GHG emissions

Riau-Indonesia, 13-16 February 2017

Riau University

Measurement of carbon fluxes in the Peruvian peat swamp forests

Peru, 2017

IIAP, USFS, Silvacarbon, MTU, University of Minnesota

Andes high altitude wetland map ground validation

Peru, 2017

MTU, Michigan Tech Research Institute, USFS, UT Austin, Mountain Institute Peru

Maping ex-ante ex-post mangrove resilience to hurricane events in Mesoamerica and Tropical South America

Caribbean, 2017

University of North Carolina, NASA, CATIE

Mangrove carbon cycle model building

Mozambique-Africa, 2016


Mapping High Altitude Wetlands in the Andes of Peru

Peruvia Amazon-Peru, 2016

MTU, Michigan Tech Research Institute, USFS, UT Austin, MI Peru

Assesing the vulnerability of mangroves to sea level rise on the island of Pohnpei

Pohnpei-Micronesia, Nov 2016

USFWS, USGS, Micronesian Trust, Conservation society of pohnpei

Monitoring West Papua Mangroves Vulnerability

West Papua-Indonesia, 2016

PhD Student, Charles Darwin University, Gottingen University

Mangrove sediments stable isotopes analysis

West Papua-Indonesia, 2016

Charles Darwin University, Gottingen University

Assesing Peat subsidence, GHG fluxes, NPP and water level in Bengkalis tropical peatlands

North Sumatera-Indonesia, 2017

Graduate Student, PhD Student

Assesing sub surface subsidence with RSET at Sebangau National Park

Central Kalimantan-Indonesia, 2016

Graduate Student, PhD Student

Mapping High Altitude Wetlands in the Páramo of Ecuador

Páramo-Ecuador, 2016

MTU, Michigan Tech Research Institute, USFS, USFQ

Monitoring sediment surface elevation change, carbon burial, and carbon stocks across a chrono sequence of restored mangroves in the Philippines

Philippines, 2015

Environmental Research and Development Bureau, USFS

Installing 12 rSETS in Mangroves (intact Pabligao mangrove and 5, 10, 25 years old Catanauan mangrove plantation)

Quezon- Philippines, 2015


South East Asia RSET-MH Netwoks Campaign

Bintuni-Indonesia, May 2014


Modelling on Holocene Peat Model (HPM) accomulation in the tropics

Tanjung Puting and Berbak, Indonesia, June 2012-present

MSc students, NGOs, and National Parks

MODIS-based global tropical wetlands mapping

Global, 2012

Universities, government officials, development agencies, consultants



Venue and Date

Partners and Organizer

Enhancing Greater Amanzule Wetland (GAW) Conservation through Mangrove Ecosystem Monitoring and Management Planning

Ghana, 2020

Community conservation committees

Task force on Latin American wetlands for the 20x20 initiative

Latin America, 2020

Wetlands International, Bioversity-CIAT, Helvetas, Saint Andrew University, von Humboldt institute, and World Resources Institute (WRI)

Peatland policy review, roster of experts, threats analysis

Congo Basin, 2020

National Peatland Coordinator, local NGO, Council for the Defense of the Environment through Legality and Traceability (CODELT)

Launchpad Session at Global Landscape forum: Forest Tree and Agroforestry

Bonn-Germany, 22-26 June 2019


G20 Meeting

Global, 2019


Session at IUFRO world congress 2019

Brazil, 29 Sept – 5 Oct 2019


United Nations Climate Change Conference Conference of the Parties (COP25) Side Events

Madrid, 4-8 December 2019


Greater Amanzule Wetland

Ghana, 2019

USFS, NGO partner

Monitoring the effectiveness of community-based mangrove management

Vietnam, 2018

Mangrove Ecosystem Research Center, University of Malaya, USFS, CIFOR

SWAMP Database

Global, 2018


International Tropical Peatland Center

Global, 2018

Government of Indonesia, UNE, FAO, UNDP

Regional guide on mangrove restoration and sustainable management

Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar, 2017

Univ. Dar es Salaam, Univ. Eduardo Mondlane, Univ. Eduardo Mondlane, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute-KMFR

Mangrove tenure and Governance Survey

Kwale Distric, 2017

Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

Media Training and field work to understand actual issues and scientific perspective about peatlands matter

Riau-Indonesia, 15-16 May 2017

Jurnalist from national and International Media

Workshop on wetland restoration in Páramo ecosystems

Ecuador, 8-10 May 2017

MTU, USFQ, USFQ, The foundation for the protection of water, Jocotoco Foundation

MITI Special Issue

Global, 2017


Workshop of A Management Tool to Guide Ecological Adaptation of Mangroves to Climate Change PHASE I

Vietnam, May 2016

USFS, Watershed Professionals Network

Workshop on advancing the Mapping and Monitoring of Mangrove Ecosystems

Vietnam, 9-12 August 2016

Afolu working group

Indonesian Blue Carbon Dialogue

Marrakech-Maroko, 15 Nov 2016


Vietnam National Workshop on Enhancing Wetland Management and Sustainable Development

Online Zoom, 10 November 2020

CIFOR, NORAD, BMU, USAID, Nguyen Tat Thanh University

Incentives and Disincentives for Conservation vs. Livelihoods in the Rufiji Delta

Tanzania, Nov 2020

USFS, USDM, PhD Student

Willingness to pay for Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) for mangrove environmental services in Vietnam

Vietnam, 2020-2030

Nong Lam Forestry

Courtesy call : Introducing SWAMP to Coordinating Ministry of Maritim Affairs

Jakarta-Indonesia, 13 January 2015

CIFOR, Coordinating Ministry of Maritim Affairs

E-learning SWAMP Toolbox launch

Jakarta-Indonesia, 8 February 2015

CIFOR, NGOs and IFACS project

Presentation at Workshop on Forest Carbon Emission

Jakarta-Indonesia, 3-5 March 2015

Ministry of Research Technology, University of Gottingen

Presentation in the occasion of the British Ambassador Visit to CIFOR

Bogor-Indonesia, 13 March 2015


Presentation on seminar at USAID Headquarter

Washington DC, USA, 20 March 2015


Presentation at Oregon State University Department of Fisheries and Wilier

Corvallis, US

Oregon State University

Presentation at invited seminar for the National Estuarine Research Reserve

South Slough Oregon- USA, 19 March 2015

National Estuarine Research Reserve

Presentation at POLinSAR 2015 – 1st BIOMASS Science Workshop

Frascaty, Italy, 27-30 January 2015


Media Training on the relevance of coastal carbon and climate change adaptation and mitigation

Banten-Indonesia, 2015

CIFOR, MMAF, SWAMP PhD student, representatives from local, national and international media outlets

Discussion : Monitoring program to evaluate the effectiveness of a mangrove restoration project

Quelimane, Mozambique, 2015


E-learning IPN Toolbox launch

Bogor-Indonesia, 2015

CIFOR, Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Presentation on meeting with the University of Pennsylvania

Lima, Peru, 15 May 2015

CIFOR, University of Pennsylvania

Presentation at invited seminar, Scripps Institute of Oceanography

La Jolla California, 19 May 2015

Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Presentation on Ambanja Bay Workshop for determining carbon stock and emissions of Madagascar’s mangroves

Madagascar, 17 June 2015

Blue Ventures

Presentation at The Fifth Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheed

North Charleston-US, 3-5 March 2015


Presentation : Working with Private Sector on Peatlands Rehabilitation Project

2 June 2015


Presentation : Making REDD+ a Mitigation-based Strategy for Adaptation in Wetlands Project

Copenhagen- Denmark, 29 June 2015

Denmark Technical University

Presentation at Society of Wetland Scientist Annual Meeting : (1) Spatial variation of mangrove soil carbon and (2) Carbon stocks of intact mangroves in the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique

Providence, R.I, 1-4 June 2015


Presentation on Translating wetland research into policy

Bogor-Indonesia, 2015


Presentation on Tropical peatland carbon dynamics simulated for scenarios of disturbance and restoration and climate change

San Francisco- US, 2015

American Geophysical Union

Presentation on Impacts of land use, restoration, and climate change on tropical peat carbon stocks in the 21st century : Implications for climate mitigation at C-PEAT meeting

New York- US, 2015

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Presentation on Carbon stocks and accumulation rates in tropical mountain peatlands of South America at C-PEAT meeting

New York- US, 2015

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Presentation at West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association 9th Scientific Symposium : (1) Carbon stock of intact mangroves in the Zambezi River Delta, Mozambique (2) A regional for mangrove research and training forests

Providence- Rhode Island, 2015


Presentation on Translating wetland research into policy

Bogor-Indonesia, 2015


Presentation at American Geophysical Union Annual Conference

San Francisco, CA

American Geophysical Union

Invited Seminar at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Maputo, Mozambique

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Presentation at Symposium on turning the tide on mangrove loss

London-UK, 7 December 2014

Zoological Society of London

Presentation at Indonesia Pavilion COP20

Lima-Peru, 1-12 December 2014


Presentation at Forest, Tree and Agroforestry Planning Meeting

Rome-Italy, 25-30 November 2014


Presentation at FAO Courtesy Call

Rome-Italy, 24 November 2014


Presentation at Integration of Blue Carbon into REDD+ activities

Jakarta-Indonesia, 20 November 2014

Indonesian REDD+ Agency

Presentation at 7th International Symposium on non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases

Amsterdam-Netherlands, 5-7 November 2014


Presentation at Blue Carbon Workshop

Rio Grande du Sol-Brazil, 19-23 October 2014

Conservation International, Blue Carbon Initiative

Presentation at Society of Conservation Biology Conference

Malaka-Malaysia, 20 August 2014

SCB Asia

Presentation on 7th International Conference on Asian and the Pacific Coast

Bali 24-26 September 2013

Hasanuddin University

Presentation on Symposium on Coastal cities, marine resources, and climate change in the coral triangle: sustainability and climate change

Jakarta, Indonesia, July 2013

Research Center for Climate Change-University of Indonesia

Presentation on Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) conference

Costa Rica, June 2013

Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC)

Presentation on International Union of Soil Science (IUSS) Global Soil Carbon Conference

Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 3-6 June 2013

International Union of Soil Science (IUSS)

Presentation at Workshop ‘Towards more sustainable land management practices for peatlands – special focus on drained areas’

Rome, Italy, May 2013

UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Presentation on US Forest Service International Program Seminar

Washington D.C., USA, March 2013

US Forest Service International Program

Presentation on Annual Mer Bleue Peatland Carbon Science Meeting

Montreal, Canada, March 2013

McGill University

Presentation on Regional Symposium on Mangrove Ecosystem Management in Southeast Asia

Surabaya, Indonesia, March 2013

Japan International Cooperation Agency
Indonesian Ministry of Forestry

The Kalimantan Wetlands and Climate Change Study. Public Lecture

Samarinda, Indonesia, March 2013

Mulawarman University

Presentation on International Workshop on Forestry and Local People

Pontianak, Indonesia, March 2013

University of Tanjungpura

Presentation at International Indonesia Peatland Conversations

Bandung, Indonesia, February 2013

Indonesia Climate Change Center

Presentation at Blue Carbon Workshop

Abu Dhabi, UAE, January 2013

Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi and UN Development Programme

Supplement to 2006 IPCC Guidelines

IPCC, 2011-present


COP 18

Doha-Qatar, December 2012


Briefings on climate change

Santo Domingo-Dominican Republic, September 2012

The Ambassador and Negotiators/ Ministry officials, NGOs and University

The COP-11 to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance

Bucharest-Rumania, July 2012

Secretariat of RAMSAR Convention

IPCC 3rd Lead Author Meeting, Wetlands Supplementary Guidance

Dublin-Ireland, July 2012


Briefings on mangroves and climate change

Can Gio-Vietnam, June 2012

Nong Lam University, Leaders of Can Gio and Ca Mau Districts

Interview: Indonesia pushes for sustainable development in mining, palm and forestry Sectors

Jakarta, June 2012

Jakarta Globe

Interview: Indonesia forest moratorium

Jakarta-Indonesia, May 2012

The Wall Street Journal

Briefings on work to climate change delegations

Bonn-Germany, May 2012


Interview: Indonesian deforestation ban makes slow progress

Indonesia, May 2012


Interview: Vietnam's mangroves trees threatened by rising tide of deforestation

Vietnam, April 2012

The Guardian

Interview: Various aspects of mangroves in Southeast Asia for people and the environment

Washington DC-USA, April 2012

National Public Radio (NPR), USA

Media briefings: Mangroves for the Future: Challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asians

Da Nang-Vietnam, March 2012

Mangroves for Future (MFF), IUCN, CIFOR

Interview on blue carbon and SWAMP activities

San Jose-Costa Rica, March 2012

Costa Rica TV Station

Briefings on assessments of the values and losses of coastal carbon stocks at global to personal spatial scales

Brussels-Belgium, January 2012

European Union Parliament