Event report

Policy, Technical and Financial Solutions to Improve the Effectiveness of Mangrove Forest Protection and Development in Vietnam in 2021–2030, with a Vision to 2050

15 March 2022, Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The workshop acted as a bridge between policymakers and actors in provinces. During the workshop, there were seven presentations from policymakers, researchers and universities about directions, mechanisms and potential for mangroves.

Participants discussed the management and finance challenges they are facing, as well as the viability of current policies and directions. Many participants were in favour of proposing more mandatory policies on budget spending for mangrove protection and management. They highlighted the urgent need to update policies and conduct long-term studies, as well as to establish effective and replicable models and sustainable management mechanisms.

In total, 122 participants attended the workshop in person, while 37 joined online via Zoom.