Wednesday, 4 December 2019 | 14.30-15.50 | Indonesia Pavilion

Gearing towards NDC ambitions with C-Rich peatlands in the agenda

In anticipation of the submission of revised NDC by Parties to the UNFCCC, it is timely to exchange experience among countries and organizations to enhance their respective capacities. Unfolding the existing NDC and assessing the ambitious plan is crucial for countries having C-rich peatlands to move forward. These countries should be able to leverage domestic, international resources from both private and public sectors. These include technical and financial resources to mitigate and cope with climate change. Ministries may have been implementing program by mobilizing domestic budgets with climate action by turning NDCs into concrete investment plans. On the other hands international funding agencies or private sector may have seen the opportunity to enhance the ambition whereever external supports are needed.

At this juncture it is interesting to unveil the possibilities by raising the following questions:

  • What kind of barriers are identified and to be removed to improve technical knowledge and capacity, and how to provide appropriate assistance?
  • How C-rich ecosystems have been considered as part of the priorities and to be promoted as bankable projects?
  • To what extent governments are enabling international development partners to tailor technical and financial needs of countries?

Countries are submitting their NDC in 2020 and eventually Global Stock Taking is taking place in 2023. It is timely to exchange experience among countries and organizations with different capacity and challenges and organization may be shared and enriched one another. This way expectation may be realized in timely manner to meet the Paris targets.

Keynote Speech:
Dr Alue Dohong, Vice Minister of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia

Dr Daniel Murdiyarso, Principal Scientist, CIFOR

Ms Mechthild Caspers, BMU, Germany
→ Capacity development for peatland protection
Dr Ruandha Sugardiman, Indonesia’s UNFCCC National Focal Point
→ Update on Indonesia’s NDC
Dr Jean Jacques Bambuta, National Coordinator and Focal Point Peatland, Democratic Republic of Congo
→ Roadmap of DRC’s peatland
Dr Rosa Maria Roman-Cuesta, Scientist, CIFOR, Kenya
→ Challenges and opportunities to meet NDC ambitions
Dr Martial Bernoux, FAO, Italy
→ Working with government on country-driven agenda in peatland monitoring


Organizers: CIFOR, ITPC, IKI, CI