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Laying the foundation for an inclusive global stocktake: Independent data, transparency and analysis

The Independent Global Stocktake (iGST) is a data and advocacy initiative that brings together climate modelers, analysts and advocates to support the Global Stocktake (GST), an essential feature of the Paris Agreement. Independent actors must work to increase its accuracy, transparency, accountability and relevance to the decision makers. Transparency is often discussed controversially, related to fearr over ownership and control–however, greater transparency has been called for, e.g in Article 13.

Independent, transparent input to the Global Stocktake would provide a unique opportunity to speed up and support the process of countries strengthening their NDCs. Independent Stocktake efforts could provide an important test run opportunity and set examples that could shape the official process. Good practice guidelines need to be developed to include transparency as one element to increase legitimacy of, accesibility to, and trust in data to underpin truly transformational change.

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Organizers: ClimateWorks Foundation, CIFOR


Bonn Hub Leader &
Managing Director of CIFOR Germany