Past Events


Improving the forest carbon market confidence with quality blue carbon credits

2023 - Sheikh Zayed Centre,

The annual GFOI Plenary brings together the global community of practitioners who support tropical countries in forest monitoring and associated emissions Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) procedures.


Forest carbon market: Post COP27 and transformative pathway for Vietnam

2022 - Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Viet Nam.

Acknowledging the role of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation, Vietnam and more than 140 countries signed the Glasgow


Sub-national workshop on increasing capacity of local community and sub-national government on mangrove restoration and food security

2022 - Meeting Room B Building, Floor 5, Central Java Governor Office, Semarang, Indonesia.

Mangrove is an ecosystem with high ecological, economic, and social values. The benefits and ecosystem services provided by mangroves are higher than their geographical distribution. This coastal ecosystem has long been known to provide many benefits in providing food and a source of livelihood for local communities.


National Workshop on Criteria and Indicators for Tropical Peatland Restoration

2022 - Online,

Exploring holistic and practical approaches for monitoring tropical peatlands
Restoration of peatlands entails deliberate actions that initiate or accelerate the recovery of a degraded peatland to its former better state. Peatland restoration involves measures designed to change ecosystems that have been impoverished, damaged or degraded due to human activity, and revert them to a state similar to, or as near to their natural state as possible through the re-establishment of some of their ecological processes and functions.


Peatlands, mangroves, and other wetlands: climate responses in the Congo Basin

2022 - Libreville, Gabon.

Slot 1: Current scientific activities on peatlands (and other wetlands) in the Congo Basin


The Role of Science in the Development of Forest Reference Emission Level

2022 - Online,

The development of Forest reference Emission Level (FREL) is obligatory for the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on


Coastal Zone Rehabilitation for Low Carbon Development

2022 - Online,

Low Carbon Development (LCD) is a new development paradigm in Indonesia for maintaining economic and social growth through low-emission development initiatives and minimizing over-exploitation of natural resources. LCD activities are manifested through all development sectors for the sustainability of planet Earth to avoid climate change impacts caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs).


Policy, Technical and Financial Solutions to Improve the Effectiveness of Mangrove Forest Protection and Development in Vietnam in 2021–2030, with a Vision to 2050

2022 - Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

Mangrove ecosystems play an important role in climate change adaptation and mitigation, improving local communities’ livelihoods and ensuring Vietnam’s long-term socioeconomic development.


National Peatland Capacity Building Program: Preliminary training of women on the theme of peatland

2022 - Online,

Following the 3rd Meeting of the Global Peatland Initiative (Brazzaville, March 2018), an activity that led to the commitment of States to invest in sustainable practices compatible with peatland conservation, the Democratic Republic of Congo launched its dynamic country dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of peatlands.