Business engagement

The private sector is and will always be a key player in deciding the future of forest-based landscapes. As such, leaders from small- to large-scale businesses — including timber, pulp and paper, palm oil and consumer goods more broadly — represented the private sector at the Summit. Discussion panels facilitated multi-stakeholder dialogue in which private sector views were heard alongside insights from scientists and government ministers. These discussions aimed to generate solutions to facilitating sustainable landscapes for green growth across Southeast Asia.

How business leaders engaged:

  • Speakers – Business leaders took part in panels across the 2 days of the Summit. The discussion panels focused around the five Summit themes.
  • Delegates - Leaders and innovators from the private sector attended and participated in the Summit, sharing their views and insights.
  • Sponsorship – The Summit is a unique global platform to influence decision-makers and key opinion leaders across all sustainability stakeholders including clients, government, media and NGO partners.

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