Monday | May 5th     17.15 - 18.45

Climate change: Seeing Green in REDD – Sharing experiences on the equity and economics of REDD+ pilot projects

Hosted by UN Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia and UN-REDD Programme


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This discussion forum brought together successful experiences in implementing REDD+ projects on the ground, and focused on the challenges of finding the elusive win-win between social equity, forest protection and economic growth. These successful experiences can serve to inform broader policymaking efforts to green national economies. The session encouraged the consolidation of practical experiences in the region to further inform the development of relevant policy mechanisms from local to national level. The experiences discussed in this forum highlighted prospective disincentives in the policy sphere that may need to be examined and rectified.

The session also highlighted practical project implementation, coordination and support experiences of the United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia (UNORCID), and the regional and global experiences of the tri-agency UN-REDD Programme (comprised of FAO, UNEP and UNDP). The range of projects presented covered a number of countries at varying stages of development in the ASEAN region and along the spectrum of REDD+ implementation.

Presentations from the Session:

A Landscape Solution?

Experiences from the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project

Background reading: