Andi Idris Syukur

Andri Idris Syukur

Head of Barru Regent, South Sulawesi

Ir. H. Andi Idris Syukur was born in Pare-Pare of South Sulawesi Province on August 17, 1955. He lives with beloved wife and three children. He graduated with a Master’s degree from Hasanuddin University and has been working for 34 years in the Forestry District Office. He started acting as Head of Forestry District Office on Barru Regent in 1983 as a young professional. Since then his career has been rising, he’s fulfilling a strategic position in the forestry offices in several regents on South Sulawesi. In period of 2002-2010 he was the Head of Forestry of the Provincial Office, then he  rose to the position of Bupati Barru for the  period of 2010 to 2015.

As Bupati Barru, he has made remarkable achievements by governing  important policies for 90% of the villages and community forests depending on increasing access and rights of managing forest land. One of his achievements is the enactment of the regent’s policy (Peraturan Bupati no. 24/2013) that adopts  Community Based Forest Management as tools for poverty alleviation. This policy will encourage the use of CBFM in the future as well as it will increase community access and rights in managing forests.