Ani Adiwinata Nawir

Ani Adiwinata Nawir ANU

Senior Socio-economics Scientist, Forests and Livelihoods, Center for International Forestry Research

Ms. Nawir finished her PhD education from Australian National University, focussing her thesis on “Strategies to enhance small-scale commercial tree-growing
inside state forests in Indonesia”.  She has been advancing her research experience in the socioeconomics and policy aspects of community forestry, particularly the comparative advantages of small-scale forestry plantations under various schemes, such community-company partnership scheme, and traditional agroforestry management in comparison to other investment alternatives, such as small-scale oil palm plantations. Understanding the product and market characteristics of both timber and NTFP products for feasibility analysis of enterprises management has been an important part of her research work.  She also has advanced experiences in researching forest landscape restoration and forest rehabilitation under the study ‘Review of forest rehabilitation projects – Lessons from the past’  funded by Official Development Assistance, Government of Japan.