Petrus Gunarso

Petrus Gunarso

Sustainability Director, APRIL

Petrus Gunarso’s role in APRIL is to direct a sustainability program based on:

  • Responsible and sustainable forest management;
  • Operational safety;
  • Collaborative community engagement
  • Inclusive management operation.

APRIL has just recently announced its Sustainable Forest Management Policy. Under this new Policy, APRIL’s pulp and paper mill has a 2019 deadline to source 100% of its wood from sustainably managed plantations.  The company and long-term suppliers raise fast-growing acacia trees on those plantations.  Until the target date, one-third or less of APRIL’s wood supply will be furnished by limited-term suppliers.

In implementing the policy, Petrus Gunarso will work closely with Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC). SAC is an independent body representing all stakeholders with main role is to oversee the implementation of SFMP.

Prior to joining APRIL, Dr. Gunarso was seconded from Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry as Program Director of the Dutch non-profit organization Tropenbos International Indonesia Program, which aims to improve tropical forest governance and management in order to support conservation, productive landscapes and sustainable development. Dr.  Gunarso was also Policy Analyst with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) for the Forest Fire Project Center with extensive working experience with the Indonesian Forestry Ministry.

Dr. Gunarso received his doctorate from the Department of Natural and Rural System Management from the University of Queensland. His Master’s degree in wildlife management was from the Michigan State University. His Bachelor degree is in Forestry from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.