Ruslan Krisno

Ruslan Krisno

Agrigroup Sustainability Director, Great Giant Pineapple

Ruslan Krisno works as the Agri-Group Sustainability Director of PT. Great Giant Pineapple, the company is the third largest pineapple plantation and factory in the world. It is an integrated company that does everything from plantation (30,000 aa ) to canning and cattle fattening. The company utilizes all the waste from the canning facilities and cattle fattening to add value to the company in the Value Chain.

Ruslan has over 28 years of experience in agribusiness industries and has been exposed to many leadership positions like quality control, finance, supply chain and human capital management.

His role in PT. Great Giant Pineapple now is to manage and supervise the company’s “Sustainability Road Map and Strategy”, environment sustainability initiatives such as CDM-Clean Development Management, renewable energy, soil health program, energy management system and private public partnership programs.

The company is awarded with the “Agriculture Business Champion in Sustainability, Energy Management and Environment Excellence” award.

He graduated from the Institut Pertanian Bogor and Institut Pengembangan Management Indonesia and has absolved  many courses in Indonesia and overseas such as the  “Approved Thermal Process Person” (Australia), “Cross Cultural Management” (Japan) and “Financial Management” (Stanford University)

Currently he is also  apart time faculty member of the Prasetya Mulia Business School.