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Collaborative forest management of teak forest in Central Java


Levelling the Playing Field (LPF) Project conducted an action research project with the state-owned company, Perum Perhutani (PP), who manages more than 2 million ha of state forest in Java Island. LPF focused on a program called PHBM (Pengelolaan Hutan Bersama Masyarakat) or Collaborative Forest Management (CFM). Following the LPF project implementation framework, we work in 3 phases. The first phase is initialization and baseline, which intends to understand the situation and the perspectives of stakeholders’. Intervention is the second phase in which we facilitate local stakeholders to take collective decisions and provide trainings to improve local community’s capacity to negotiate with other actors towards fair agreement about forest management. The last phase is called monitoring and evaluation, in which the project monitors progress and measures impacts, and conduct participatory evaluation with all stakeholders about the project’s impact and lessons learnt.





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