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From approach to implementation

This approach shaped the project implementation. We organized the project implementation into three stages a) initialization stage with the baseline study, b) intervention, c) and impact assessment. Monitoring took place throughout the three stages.


As one of the first steps of the Initialization Phase, it is important to get a clear demand from the stakeholders that the project acts as a facilitator (mediator) for the environmental mediation process.

Within the initialization stage (I) there are three steps: stakeholders’ identification and analysis, stakeholders’ demands for project mediation, baseline survey.


During the intervention stage (II), LPF researchers act as facilitators or mediators. This stage has three components, empowerment, negotiation and reinforcement. These are comprised of the following steps:


Step 1 (E) Sharing views & focus on local issues
Step 2 (E) Capacity building and design of micro-projects
Step 3 (E) Implementation of micro-projects

Environmental Negotiation

Step 1 (N) Setting up places of negotiation
Step 2 (N) Discussion on renewable resources trends
Step 3 (N) Defining a long term common objective
Step 4 (N) Co-design of an integrated management plan
Step 5 (N) Choosing management organization


Step 1 ( R) Respect of agreements + self monitoring
Step 2 ( R) New environmental revenues to communities
Step 3 ( R) Networking and support from new actors

Empowerment could take a lot of time and resources but it is a necessary investment as negotiation can not take place if disadvantaged groups do not have some basic negotiating capacities.

The negotiation process itself is facilitated by the project team. Ultimately the stakeholders negotiate and elaborate agreements, by themselves.

The reinforcement aims to maintain stakeholders’ commitment regarding their common objectives and agreements. The monitoring step is an activity which produces knowledge about the process we conducted.

Monitoring and assessment

We used indicators to assess the results achievement. During participatory project assessments the stakeholders evaluated the progress made on each of these indicators.




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