Multidisciplinary Lanscape Assessment


An exciting new implementation of the MLA approach in Suriname

Tropenbos International in Suriname (TBI-Suriname) is developing a programme of actions in the Carolina 'resort' (sub-district), a little populated and forested part of Para district. Its overall goal is sustainable resource management, while improving livelihoods and alleviating poverty, based on potentials of the landscape and the aspirations of local people.  more

Training MLA in Merauke Papua, Indonesia

This training activity was part of a collaborative research project between CIFOR-ENV and CIFOR-GOV on The Expansion of Plantations in Papua, Indonesia: Safeguarding Indigenous Communities’ Tenure/Resource Rights and Building Capacity for Responsible Development. Under this project, we conducted an adapted MLA training for local partners and guide them on the methods implementation in the field work. more


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