Last updated April 2010 
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An exciting new implementation of the MLA approach in Surinamee

Tropenbos International in Suriname (TBI-Suriname) is developing a programme of actions in the Carolina 'resort' (sub-district), a little populated and forested part of Para district. Its overall goal is sustainable resource management, while improving livelihoods and alleviating poverty, based on potentials of the landscape and the aspirations of local people. We are excited that TBI-Suriname with its many local partners has chosen for an MLA approach for their baseline survey. They invited Miriam van Heist, former consultant on the CIFOR-MLA team, to organise a workshop in Cassipora, Carolina, to guide the adaptation of the MLA approach to the specific requirements of the project. The workshop will be held in the last week of March 2009, with representation from local government, communities, indigenous organizations and university/research institutes. The MLA survey itself is planned for later this year.

Input of traditional knowledge of the area is considered crucial for the outcome of the survey. Special attention will go to the potential of traditional and indigenous (co-)management of nature, tourism, forestry and other yet to be identified potentials of the landscape. Based on a better understanding of the multiple potentials and values of landscapes and natural resources, recommendations for policy improvements and options for sustainable land use will be formulated. Projects and activities for further research, innovative use and (co-)management of the resources are expected too.

This project approach may serve as an example to be applied in other regions of Suriname, aiming at a similar development strategy. At the same time, it will be an opportunity for TBI-Suriname to gain knowledge and understanding regarding collaborative research with local people, in particular the indigenous people in the eastern resort of the Para district.

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