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MLA press stories

MLA - Multidisciplinary Landscape Assessment
  • Hutan pasca pemanenan. Meijaard, E. dkk. 2007.
    Agro Observer No. 5 Tahun 1. April 2007

  • It’ll take more than research: Improving environmental decisions and ecological sciences in Indonesia.
    Sheil, D.; Meijaard, E. 2007. Bulletin of the British Ecological Society 2007 38:4
    PDF complete file: English

  • Kehidupan setelah pembalakan: merekonsiliasi pelestarian satwa dengan produksi kehutanan di Kalimantan Sheil, D. & Meijaard, E. 2007.   details

  • Science key to better environmental decisions (opinion).  Sheil, D. & Meijaard, E. 2007.
    Jakarta Post, 30 July 2007.

  • A good time for Brazil nuts
    New Agriculturist On Line. Reporting agriculture for the 21st century (1 September 2006)

    Interview with Kristen Evans and Wil de Jong. in: New Agriculturist on line. Reporting Agriculture for the 21st century (1 September 2006).

  • Bewoners regenwoud helpen wetenshap, Natuur en zichzelf. Eigen woud eerst.
    The Science supplement of the 'NRC Handelsblad' (18 February 2006).

    Interview with Douglas Sheil  in: the Science supplement of the 'NRC Handelsblad', only for Dutch speakers.
    Download PDF : NRC-article.pdf (929 Kb)

  • The Jakarta Post - March 30, 2005
    Future rides on land use

    Opinion: Douglas Sheil and Imam Basuki

    One of the worst environmental disasters in Indonesian history was an ambitious but failed rice-growing project in Central Kalimantan during the Soeharto era. One million hectares of virgin forest were staked on a venture that proved a dud. All that remains is a wasteland of little value to local people or anyone else. It was like the government was playing a game where the potential payout was huge, but so were the risks.
    Download PDF : Jakarta Post. pdf (40.2 Kb)

  • The value of tropical forests to the people who live there.
    A Monthly Newsletter of Environmental Science and Policy. ( Vol 10, nr 7, July 2003).

    Interview with Douglas Sheil in: Environmental review. A monthly newsletter of Environmental Science and Policy. ( Vol 10, nr 7, July 2003).
    Download PDF : EnvReview_Vol10No7.pdf (916 Kb)