Climate goals and gender realities, GLF 2016 Marrakesh

Watch this Discussion Forum from the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Climate Action for Sustainable Development in Marrakesh, Morocco, alongside UNFCCC COP22.

SDG 5 ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’, together with a number of gender-related decisions made by the COP to the UNFCCC in the recent past, serve as a clear global mandate for addressing gender equality in climate policy at all levels. However, reports from a wide range of organizations such as UN Women, UN DESA and UNFCCC, IUCN and CCAFS demonstrate that these global mandates are rarely translated into national climate change policies.

This discussion brings together policy makers, researchers, practitioners and advocates to share experiences of mainstreaming gender in national climate policies and actions. Focusing on both processes and results, the goal is to identify challenges and opportunities to designing and implementing gender-responsive climate policy and action on the national level; highlight successful strategies adopted by various stakeholders; and to discuss how ‘gender-responsiveness’ can be defined and measured across various contexts.

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