Share Your Vision Award Winner


By: By Luis Alberto Ramírez, Juan Bejarano Varela, Walter Martínez Sáenz and their team

#ThinkForests #FeelForests

In #FeelForests, Luis Alberto Ramírez, Juan Bejarano Varela, Walter Martínez Sáenz and their team, show us that our connection with forests needs to be appreciated and the best place for that is in one.


Directed by

Juan Bejarano Varela

Executive producer

Luis Alberto Ramírez


Blanca María Molina


Walter Martínez Sáenz

Line producer

Luis Alberto Ramírez

Assistant producer

Carlos Ramírez Mongua

Art director

Juan Bejarano Varela


Elizabeth Bacca Ávila 

Still photographer 

Cindy Franco

Soundtrack ‘Respira’ by

Santiago Amézquita


Walter Martínez Sáenz

Poster designer

Natalia Pabón López

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