USAID-CIFOR collaboration on Forest and Climate Change

USAID-CIFOR-ICRAF collaboration on Forest and Climate Change

Assessing the Implications of Climate Change for USAID Forestry Programs



To design and facilitate training workshops about how the trends relating to global climate change may affect USAID’s ongoing and future programming in the forest sector.

To build understanding and technical proficiency within USAID staff and local partners regarding the following topics:

  • the integration of climate change into forestry,
  • forests and adaptation to climate change,
  • carbon accounting,
  • carbon mechanisms and markets,
  • biofuels.


  1. CIFOR/ICRAF will develop training materials (“toolbox”) and distribute them to the participants. In addition CIFOR will work with USAID to determine the best way to make these materials available online, and will then prepare them in that format. It will also include supporting reference materials and interactive training exercises and case studies. The training materials must be in the form of modules that can be added to a larger training and/or stand alone.
  2. CIFOR/ICRAF will design and implement three training workshops.

Training Components

Topic 1: Integrating Climate Change in Forestry (this overview can stand alone or introduce the whole course)

Topic 2: Background. This background material may be included in the training or may be an online prerequisite for training participants

  • Subtopic 2.1. Brief introduction to climate change and forests
  • Subtopic 2.2. Integrating CC issues into forestry: Mitigation
  • Subtopic 2.3. Integrating CC issues into forestry: Adaptation

Topic 3: Adaptation

  • Subtopic 3.1. Introduction to adaptation
  • Subtopic 3.2. Forests for adaptation
  • Subtopic 3.3. Adaptation for forests

Topic 4: Carbon Accounting
Some subtopisc may be optional (e.g. field measurements or modeling).

  • Subtopic 4.1. Introduction to carbon accounting
  • Subtopic 4.2. Quick estimations
  • Subtopic 4.3. Field measurements
  • Subtopic 4.4. Modeling
  • Subtopic 4.5. Monitoring

Topic 5: Carbon Mechanisms and Markets

  • Subtopic 5.1. Introduction to mitigation mechanism and markets
  • Subtopic 5.2. Common issues related to forests in the carbon mechanisms
  • Subtopic 5.3. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): overview
  • Subtopic 5.3bis. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): in depth. This subtopic is optional
  • Subtopic 5.4. Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)
  • Subtopic 5.5. Voluntary markets for reforestation and avoided deforestation

Topic 6: Biofuels

  • Subtopic 6.1. Introduction to biofuels
  • Subtopic 6.2. Impact on climate change
  • Subtopic 6.3. Policy issues related to economic development and environmental sustainability.

Access to the capacity building toolbox

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Report of the training sessions

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