Monday | May 5th     15.15 - 16.45

Equitable development: What is the fairest of them all? Assessing aspects of equity in incentive mechanisms for natural resource conservation and management

Hosted by Center for International Forestry Research


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Forests and natural resources have fueled much of recent economic boon in Southeast Asia over the past several decades. The high rates of GDP growth and accompanying rapid land-use changes have not brought equal prosperity for all, particularly for the groups who depend on forests and natural resources for their daily subsistence needs and livelihoods. Integration with global markets and values has highlighted sustainable development, and environmental incentives have increasingly come into play to motivate sustainable management practices in forest and agriculture systems. How these environmental incentives interact with economic growth objectives, and the implications for equitable development for the rural poor will be the focus of this discussion session.

This session explored the distributional implications of existing and proposed resource management systems, environmental incentive mechanisms, and investments in natural resources management. Research results from case studies on community forestry, PES and REDD+ across Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam were highlighted.

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