Feedback and knowledge sharing workshop on preliminary results from ASFCC research in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan

16 February 2017, Pontianak, West Kalimantan

The ASFCC phase II research project is near ending and as part of the research activities, a feedback and knowledge sharing workshop was carried out in collaboration with our local partner, Faculty of Forestry, Tanjungpura University (UNTAN) Pontianak.

The workshop was held in Pontianak attended by around 40 participants including representatives from ASFCC study villages in Kapuas Hulu, provincial government offices (Forestry, Agriculture, Environment), various non-governmental organizations (Sampan, WWF, PRCF, Gemawan, Indonesia-Japan REDD+) and academy (FoF students and faculty members).

The Dean of UNTAN Faculty of Foresty, Dr. Gusti Hardiansyah, opened the workshop. The workshop was structure as follow:

  • Opening by the dean of FOF UNTAN (Dr. Gusti Hardiansyah)
  • Introduction on CIFOR and ASFCC research project by CIFOR
  • UNTAN-ASFCC students’ presentations
    1. Analysis of swidden farmer income in Kapuas Hulu by Yuli Widyawati
    2. Land use change and migration among swidden farmers in Kapuas Hulu by Eva Sriharyanti
  • CIFOR-ASFCC presentations
    1. Swidden farmers perception on 2015 fire ban in Kapuas Hulu, a master study by Paul Thung-University of Sussex, presented by Cynthia Maharani
    2. Participation to inclusion, lessons learned from design and implementation of development projects in Kapuas Hulu, by Moira Moeliono
  • Feedback and response from village representatives and stakeholders
  • Closing by vice dean of FOF UNTAN (Dr. Farah Diba)


  1. UNTAN-CIFOR students presenting their research

    Photo by Cynthia Maharani, Feb 2017

  2. Participants representing villages and provincial government office giving their feedback and opinion on the research findings

    Photo by Cynthia Maharani, Feb 2017