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CIFOR at Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2019

The Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2019 (APFW2019), will be held in Songdo ConvensiA Convention Center, Incheon, the Republic of Korea, on 17-21 June 2019. Jointly hosted by the The Korea Forest Service and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, APFW2019 will promote the theme “Forests for peace and well-being” and provide a venue to discuss and share views on the most pressing challenges in the forestry sector.

How green is green economic development?

Agriculture is a big contributor to deforestation. Rural populations use forest resources and cut down forests to meet subsistence and livelihood needs. In other instances, commercial agriculturalists clear vast swathes of forests often with the implicit backing of governments.

ASFCC advanced writing workshop

Hanoi and Ninh Binh, Vietnam, 16-22 November 2017   CIFOR in collaboration with the Vietnamese Academy of Forestry Sciences (VAFS) organized an ASFCC advanced writing workshop in Hanoi and Ninh

Resilience 2017 Conference

Stockholm, 20-23 August 2017. ASFCC was presenting in Resilience 2017 Conference ‘Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability’ in Stockholm. The conference focuses on resilience as a key lens for biosphere-based sustainability science (

The 7th AWG-SF Conference and the 11th AWG-SF Meeting

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 12-16 June 2017. The 7th AWG-SF Conference was organized by the AWG-SF Secretariat in collaboration with ASFCC supporting partners (CIFOR, NTFP-EP, RECOFTC, ICRAF, and SEARCA). It was hosted by the Royal Forest Department (RFD) of Thailand.