Knowledge sharing workshop on REDD+ Benefit Sharing and Safeguards

2-3 February 2017, Vang Vieng, Lao PDR

This workshop was a collaboration effort among CIFOR-ASFCC, the FCPF REDD+ Readiness Project, CliPAD-GIZ and the Laos REDD+ Office. The workshop was held in Vang Vieng, a small town about 3 hour drive from Vientiane and attended by around 35 participants representing members of Laos Technical Working Groups on REDD+ Benefit Sharing and Safeguards.

The objective of this workshop on REDD+ benefit sharing and safeguards is to share knowledge and findings with Lao REDD+ policymakers and practitioners from over 7 years of REDD+ research at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). CIFOR’s research aims to provide REDD+ policymakers and practitioners with policy options and guidance to improve the design, development and implementation of REDD+. These research findings may be useful input for the process of developing Lao PDR’s National REDD+ Strategy.

We shared results from the GCS-M1 and ASFCC related to REDD+ benefit sharing and safeguards. CIFOR gave 6 presentations on the following topics:

  • Lessons learnt from REDD+ policies and progress in 16 countries
  • Who has the right to benefit? Assessing 3E implications
  • Benefit Sharing through PFES in Vietnam
  • Introduction to REDD+ Benefit Sharing Knowledge Tree
  • Managing Risks and avoiding pitfalls to REDD+ policy design – potential role of safeguards
  • Information exchange and (mis)communications in local REDD+ projects

Other presentations include:

  • Status and progress of REDD+ program, policies and institutions in Lao PDR by Lao REDD+ Office
  • From Paris to Marrakech: Forests, climate change and REDD+ by GIZ
  • REDD+ Benefit-Sharing in Lao PDR: Discussions to Date by Benefit-Sharing TWG and TA
  • Status and progress of REDD+ safeguards in Lao PDR by Lao REDD+ Office by Lao REDD+ Office
  • Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Process related to Village Forest Management (VFM) by GIZ (CliPAD)
  • Safeguards implementation in Lao REDD+ projects: environmental safeguards, social safeguards, and FPIC by SUFORD-SU and GIZ (CliPAD)


  1. CIFOR presenting in the workshop

    Photo by Indah WB, Feb 2017

  2. Discussion and group activity on understanding the benefits and costs of REDD+ from multi-stakeholder perspectives

    Photo by Lao REDD+ Office, Feb 2017