Methods Training 1: “Focus Group Discussion on Drivers of Land Use Change and Migration”

Bogor and Malasari village, 19-23 October 2015

Participants: Research teams and partners from Tanjungpura University (UNTAN)-Indonesia, National University of Lao (NUOL), and Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science (VAFS)

The specific objectives of this methods training activity are:

  • Building common understanding of the objectives and methodological framework that will be used in the ASFCC Phase 2 research across research teams from Lao, Vietnam and Kalimantan-Indonesia.
  • Familiarizing the research teams with the varied methods (livelihood survey, social network analysis, and focus group discussion) that will be used in the data collection.
  • Gathering site specific inputs and feedbacks from research teams to adjust the research instrument on focus group discussion (FGD).
  • Testing and revising the focus group discussion method based on the field testing and feedback from research teams.
  • Building synergy and fostering communication and team work within each country and across countries’ research teams

1. The team (photo by Aris Sanjaya, October 2015, Bogor)

2. Meeting with Malasari village representatives/leaders prior FGD testing activity (Photo by Grace Wong, October 2015, Malasari)

3. FGD with women group in kampong Nyungcung (Photo by Grace Wong, October 2015, Malasari)

4. FGD with men group in desa Malasari (Photo by Grace Wong, October 2015, Malasari)

5. Mosaics of irrigated paddy field, agroforest, and forest in Malasari village located inside the Halimun-Salak National Park (Photo by Grace Wong, October 2015, Malasari)