Resilience 2017 Conference

Stockholm, 20-23 August 2017


ASFCC was presenting in Resilience 2017 Conference ‘Resilience Frontiers for Global Sustainability’ in Stockholm. The conference focuses on resilience as a key lens for biosphere-based sustainability science (  The key note addresses presented reflections on the scientific progress made and proposed new directions for research. The conference covered five main themes:

  • Socio-Ecological Transformations for Sustainability
  • Connectivity and Cross-Scale Dynamics in the Anthropocene
  • Multi-Level Governance and Biosphere Stewardschip
  • Approaches and Methods for Understanding Socio-Ecological Dynamics
  • Cross-Cutting perspectives on resilience


We gave four presentations, results from the CIFOR’s ASFCC work in Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.

  • From coping with risks to transformative adaptation: understanding the resilience of swidden systems in Southeast Asia, presented by Grace Wong
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  • Social Forestry for resilience? Lessons from Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam, presented by Moira Moeliono
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  • Importance of social networks and migration in local risk scoping strategies of swidden communities in Vietnam presented by Thuy Thu Pham
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  • Migration and its role in transforming land uses and resilience of swidden landscapes and communities in Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam presented by Indah Waty Bong
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